Monday, May 19, 2014

To fight temptations or not? Last night I had a party to attend. Early in the day I made the (wise?) decision to save my carbs for a couple glasses of wine. Back in my south beach diet days I did this all the time - drank on a bread free stomach. 

As I laid my eyes on the food selection I didn't care about having the pasta or rice etc. Not that I think these things are the devil. I just am trying to save things like that for when I REALLY want it. For instance if there were huge slices of chocolate cake I would've plowed my face through it like a backhoe. So I chose the string beans, lemon chicken and salad. 

Former me would've used this party as an excuse to have 2 plates of pasta and cake and wine. I did make the terrible decision to have a third glass of red wine but did not inhale it like the first two. Instead I left some in the glass. Fast forward to when I got home. I felt really nauseous and this happens to me often when I drink red wine, but i didn't drink a lot so or so I thought.

Anyway my stomach was just too messed up. I needed to "soak" up the alcohol. I don't know if this phenomenon is real or just some urban myth but I had to have some bread, so I had half a hot dog bun, along with a hotdog that my husband had left on the counter from dinner and a 21 day oatmeal cookie. Then I laid down and fought off puking in the bed for a couple minutes. Soon magic happened: the bun soaked up the alcohol, I guess, because I felt a lot better.

What do you all think about this? Ever get sick from not having a solid drinking foundation?

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