Thursday, May 22, 2014

P90X3 Challenge Group. Join in! How, how can you say no to that face? All Tony wants you to do is join a P90X3 challenge group before the sale ends this May.  I have been doing P90X3 for about 6 weeks now and telling you about my journey.  So far from eating clean and hanging out with Tony 30 minutes a day I lost about 12 pounds.  I was terrified to try P90X3 because the other 2 programs looked so intense and Tony looks so crazy.  But the workouts are a great mix of tough, challenging and doable.  There is always a way to modify, or just stop if you have to.  

Why join a challenge group with me?
You get support
You get a meal plan that works!
You get accountability  
You get recipes
You get shakeology 
You will be working out in the luxury of your own home
You will check in with all the others who are doing this along side with you in a private forum

I truly want to help you see to it that your goals are met.  I have a deep compassion inside this sarcastic shell.

Have you ever started a fitness program or diet and quit before you met your goal? How about getting a gym membership but never going or buying equipment you never use? Joining a challenge group makes all the difference. When you are doing planks and squats and pushups in your house you know your fellow challengers are suffering with you that day.  You know you have to check in daily and let everyone know you did your workout and you ate clean that day.  But we are not angry people.  When you need the support to keep going, to follow the meal plan we are there. 

So do it already, make today the day that you begin your journey to meet your health and fitness goals. Fill out my contact form to be a part of my challenge group.

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