PiYo Challenge


When it comes to getting healthy and fit joining a challenge group is THE GAME CHANGER!

What is a challenge group? 

*At home workouts 6 days a week
*Free meal plans / shopping lists / recipes
*A group of others working out at home and bringing it, you will want to as well

What will you be doing?
The newest Beach Body Program, PiYo! I am starting a new challenge group and would love to have you join me. The work outs are between 25 and 45 minutes long and are low impact (no jumping/craziness) But still super intense and effective. I think this is the program I am most excited about starting. Here is a link to purchase the challenge pack - it has a special promo price with me as your coach which will only last for a few weeks.

What do you get?

Workouts + Shakeology + Free support from me and an online support group = SUCCESS


PiYo is Chalene Johnson's newest at home workout dvd program. The same mastermind who brought you Turbo Fire and Chalene Extreme. PiYo will allow you to define your body without jumping, using weights or causing joint strain.  All you need is your own body weight to burn fat and redefine every muscle of your physique.  You’ll do this by performing a sequence of continuous, targeted moves.  This workout is really about building and strengthening your core through dynamic movements, flexibility exercises, and learning to balance!  There will also be some light cardio to get your heart rate up and the calories burning!

If you are interested in investing in yourself, in your future self and doing this program and joining my Exclusive Test Group then click the link above and purchase your Challenge Pack today!  I look forward to helping you move forward with your fitness goals and enjoying along the way! 

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