Saturday, May 24, 2014

Clean Eating Dessert: Keeping on track when changing your diet or getting fit isn't easy during holidays and get togethers. And while having a cheat meal or indulging once in a while I believe is fine, a 3 day weekend can easily turn into a 3 day drinking, cake eating, hot dog chomping binge for me. Being I have 25 or so pounds to go, I am trying to keep it a 21 day weekend. Here is a simple but awesome dessert option. It's creamy, a little sweet and won't leave you feeling guilty.  You could take this with you to a party, it probably won't look too pretty when you get there but it will still be scrumptious.

1 red of part skim ricotta or whipped cottage cheese
1 purple of mixed berries
1 tsp real maple syrup or honey
optional, dust with cocoa, add almond slivers...

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