What is a challenge group?

Have you ever started a fitness program but failed to finish? Or maybe you were confused and not sure how to even begin. Have you ever heard of the infamous P90X or Insanity? These are programs from the fitness company Beach Body and I am a coach for Beach Body. That means that when you purchase a Beach Body fitness program I am here for free to you to give you support, motivation and keep you on track with your goals.
If you have a problem staying on track with your fitness goals, joining a challenge with me is the best thing you can do.  Not only will I be there, but you will be in a private forum with others who are all working out together and eating clean in the comfort of their homes. We will share tips on eating clean, recipes, and post daily about our workouts. We will keep each other accountable.

Why join a challenge with me as your coach? Even though I love to laugh and make our challenge group a fun place to commiserate, I also am a very compassionate person who knows when you need tough love or just a little love. I am going through the process myself, having lost 16 pounds so far.  I have tons of tips for eating, cooking finding time to workout and organizing your health goals.

Shop through my challenge pack link to get more information about the different programs challenge groups you can be a part of.  Please contact me at any time if you need assistance in the ordering process.  After you order, fill out a contact form to let me know and we will get started!

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