Wednesday, May 28, 2014

P90X3 Progress Report and my feelings:  As you can see I have come pretty freaking far, but still have a ways to go. Why do I love working out at home and beachbody dvd's and Beachbody challenges in particular?

Working out at home: I did the gym when I had tons of time and nothing else going on besides work and getting drunk with my friends. We would spend our early nights in classes and wasting time on the elliptical, gossiping about whatever went on the night before, go home shower and then go to bed or if it was Thursday-Saturday night we would go get bombed. It takes at least 20 minutes to get to the gym both ways so right there is 40 minutes wasted and then once I get there I have no idea what to do or if I am doing it right.

Loving Beachbody dvd's: Well, obviously, I can fit them in when I need to. P90X3 in particular is only 30 minutes. The Beachbody people know what they are doing! They took out all of the guesswork, There are people planning out the programs, there are test groups to make sure the program works. They don't just put together something and cross their fingers hoping it works for people. The final dvd's have warm ups and cool downs - so important and something many people don't do on their own. P90X3 is great because it comes with a gazillion workouts. All week long is a different workout. You will not get bored. One day I am doing MMX with burpees, kicks and punches, the next yoga, the next straight up weight work, cardio mixed with weights, etc etc. 
At first I thought I would hate Tony Horton. That he would have the personality of a piece of dried up wonder bread. Like I imagine all the meat heads in the weight section of the gym. But a pleasant surprise is that Tony is more like this delicious brunch dish at my favorite Mexican place. All different flavors at once and made with love.  

Why I love online challenge groups: There is support, people are doing this with you! I like having a place online where I can go and know people are doing this with me. You get great ideas for clean recipes too and daily motivation.

Is it time for you to start your fitness journey?  Don't be another person who is wishing they could make a change!  You can do it too, and you will have me on your team.  I have been there, I can understand your struggles, ups and downs. I am doing all of this without a real kitchen so I have some problem solving skills you won't get with anyone else. Contact me, it's time!

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