Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's the day after Memorial Day Weekend. I am proud of myself, I did every scheduled workout and followed the 21 day fix plan almost perfectly. Holidays and Sundays for that matter are usually an excuse for me to go buckwild when trying to lose weight. 
In the past I would've purposely went out of my way to eat crud because, hey, it's a holiday, I have been eating healthy! Break out the brownies, cake, doritos, mac n cheese etc. I totally am all for these things in moderation, but not for a full weekend! Or even all day long, like I used to.  I am finally waking up to this.
I did have a pina colada because there is this one bar here it's only open in the summer and they are fantastic there. I had some extra protein a couple things here and there but it was NOWHERE near the bingefest I usually partake in. It may have been because I am a dork and went to no parties just hung out on the beach and went for a walk with my kids.  We'll see what happens when I have to go to a party and have no control over the food. When there is a plethora of cookies, taco dip, hot dogs, pies, oh man it will be hard. The food has a way of seducing me. Must learn moderation, that is the key.

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