Thursday, June 12, 2014

Easy Breezy Frittata

Check it out! I love making frittatas for and easy grab and go breakfast. Once you bake this off keep the pieces in the fridge to take with you or to shove in your face when you are running low on time! 

8 eggs
red onion
zucchini (and any veg you love or leftovers from dinner!)
smoked turkey
salt & pepper
sautee onion, veggies in tsp olive oil put in bottom of a baking/pie dish
scramble the 8 eggs add salt & pepper (not too much salt, a pinch, the smoked turkey has sodium)
pour eggs over, chop up 4 slices of turkey and sprinkle over the egg
bake on 350 until it's still jiggly in middle turn off oven and let it firm up.
cut into 8 pieces, each piece has one egg about 1/2 red of turkey

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